If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me at info[a] or via PM on gaming forum.


For developers:

If you would like to have your multiplayer game published on please use one of contacts methods above.


Submit only games which are:

  • multiplayer (can be singleplayer with multiplayer extension)
  • free to play (can have microtransactions – but not pay 2 win)
  • Flash, Unity or HTML5 (.unity3d or .swf – could be iframe)
  • full version (every part of your game should be playable on

I do not sponsor single player games without multiplayer mode.


For advertisers:

Advertise on Not So Casual!


  • high quality, multiplayer games only traffic
  • players are used to in-game registration forms
  • players willing to spend money in free-to-play games

If you want to advertise on Not So Casual there are two options:

  1.  AdWords > Tools And Analysis > Placement Tool > > Add to account
    (How to advertise on Not So Casual via AdWords)
  2. CPM offer > email at



-Martin Král

Czech Republic